Train your brain.The main functional characteristics, which should pay attention - this is the power of the mind and coordination, flexibility and endurance.The power of the mind gives us the opportunity to focus on the necessary amount of time to correct.Flexibility - the ability to switch from one to another.Endurance is determined by the duration of the high level of activity, and coordination allows to operate several concepts at once or at the same time lead a series of parallel thought processes.
Get rid of clutter in the mind.To do this, understand that it takes your brain.Write down on a piece of paper all of your thoughts.Pay no attention to the clarity of the wording.Write out everything that comes to mind: feelings and desires, fears, plans and objectives.
then begin to combine words with a similar meaning, and reduces to a minimum the wording.Do this for as long as absolutely nothing left and nothing to burn.
Train attention.Decide how long you want to focus.For example, for two minutes.Put in front of a clock with a second hand and at the same time turn on the TV.When the concentration starts to dissipate, and you will begin to get distracted by a television program, go to the task.Stable concentration can only be achieved through training.Agree with them that you will pay attention to what is happening at the moment.
track on that, first of all, you pay attention.Looking around the room, highlighting it several circular objects.If you pay attention to the problems, life is full of troubles.By focusing on the particulars, the world will lose the logical connection and integrity.Focus on creative processes and life will be interesting and varied.
Train creative thinking.Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach.Hear the sound of the waves, feel the smell of salt water, feel the spray, escaped from the abyss.Continue to contemplate the picture on the internal screen of perception.Feel the breath of wind, a grain of sand on your skin, the sun's rays.After a while, return to reality.You feel like your body is relaxed and rested.All this is possible thanks to your work with the brain.