Get rid of stress voltage can be as follows.Take a comfortable position for you and start measured inhale and exhale through the nose.The body is not to be tense.Having mastered the technique of slow breathing, you can alternate between tension and relaxation of your body.The essence of breathing exercises is to shift the focus of your attention, switch it from negative thoughts to control his own breathing.
good means of getting rid of stress is the music.Listen to yourself or play a musical instrument.It has a healing effect of music listening to the soothing nature of motives for the night.Taking a session of music therapy, Unleash your imagination.Dream of a bungalow on the ocean or discounts on winter collection of Chanel.
moments of stress affect not only your emotional, and physical health.Sandwiched muscles will help to remove the device for massage.They can rub shoulders, feet and neck.If the situation allows, take a relaxing bath with lavender essential oil.Water Treatments distract you from intrusive thoughts and rid the body of stress.
happens that the situation is tense at work, and you can not use the above tips.In that case enjoy a monotonous routine affair.Scroll through the folders on your desktop, sort documents, deal with the mess in your organizer.In short, do anything that requires concentration.This will help you not to dive completely into the problem.If this does not work, a break with the help of exercise.Move the cooler from the right corner to the left, wash the floor, adjust the location of the office of ficus.
depending on the situation and individual preferences, you can choose the best method.The main thing is to use it regularly, because the ability to resist the sweeping the excitement you will avoid incorrect and hasty decisions made.