Tip 1: How to find an incentive to live

Since ancient times, people tend to wonder how the meaning of his existence and life of the stimulus - because these concepts are closely interrelated.Universal and precise answers to these questions, unfortunately, has not yet been found - too many individual factors play a role.However, there are some common ways that help to live and develop.

stimulus to life - why it is difficult to find

As the popular expression, which is attributed to a different philosophy, "asked a good question - half of the answer."Therefore, trying to gain a stimulus for life, a person should think first about your goals: what he lives for this world.Depending on the sense that people are investing in their existence, should pick up and the stimulus - because the motivation from the Buddhist monk, an American athlete or Russian teachers will be completely different.Define your goals, you must prioritize: what will contribute, and that, on the contrary, is an obstacle to obtaining the desired result.

However, the question of the true meaning of life, exciting mankind for thousands of years, has not yet found the only correct answer.There are different opinions, for example, according to some contemporary philosophers, the meaning of life - in itself.Every moment of life - is unique and valuable, and the trials and hardships are required for equilibrium, balancing the happy moments that befell the man.After all, to understand what is "white", you can only compare it with the "black".And only the man himself could give an answer to the meaning of its existence, and, therefore, to choose a suitable stimulus.

Thoughts about finding the stimulus of life often come in times of crisis.It is not necessary that the person experienced any shock or hardships.It happens that people reach seemingly all dreamed about (marriage, financial well-being, career, etc.), they understand that have lost the most important - desire again for something to strive for.You can try to ride out this time, taking advantage of the circumstances to rest and gather strength for new achievements, but you can review their life goals and objectives - in fact some just need time to time to stop and think about how and why they live.

Search incentive to live as work on a

Sometimes a person feels the need for incentives and under the influence of negative circumstances (job loss, divorce, death of someone from relatives and other tests of fate).When discouraged and did not want to live, you can not afford to increasingly link these thoughts.Like the main character of the cult he said "Gone With the Wind", it is better to think about it tomorrow.In the meantime, focus on the pressing concerns.Especially effective it will be, if the actions are related to physical activity - cleaning homes, washing, or any similar event.How it sounds banal, but such advice, according to some psychologists, is fairly universal and yet effective.

For many incentive is money, or rather, material well-being.And there is nothing wrong if people seek to provide themselves with honest means not leaving at the same time the work is too deep.However, when the work or the process of making money is the only incentive and sense of existence, should think about their priorities - it is important to find a place for other equally important factors needed for a full life.Communicating with family and friends, leisure and doing sports or a favorite hobby, traveling and making new friends, you can feel that life is full of meaning, and the need to find an incentive is simply no!

Tip 2: How not to be afraid to live

very sad if the end of their way of life a person comes to the realization that he has not achieved anything of what had once dreamed of, to strive for.And worst of all, when a person realizes that the cause of his failure was a banal fear of change.
How not to be afraid to live
Imagine that you live the last hours.Life is over - what you come to the end of his career?Will leave you with peace of mind with the knowledge that is still living, doing something, struggled, even you could not achieve much.Or are you just crossed every day, afraid to take responsibility for active steps, afraid of life itself?

fear of life - the main obstacle to the achievement

People are divided into two categories.Some players are by nature and are willing to put everything at stake, including the well-being, your life.Others come from the fact that the bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.The first active risk, often lose.But often remain in the win, achieving everything he wanted.

What is the main difference between them?The fact that the former have a chance to get something, whereas there is no second chance.Fear of making a mistake paralyzes the will, does not move to the purpose - whatever it may be.Months fold during those - in decades.The man does not have time to look around, life is over.What he came, whether realized his childhood dream?I gave him whether this life is something other than misery and frustration?

But everything can be different!Fate favors a strong, strong-willed, daring.Those who take risks, who are not afraid to go forward.Yes, they are often killed in their attempts to outdo themselves.But it is worthy of death, these people have nothing to reproach.Better to die in an attempt to change something, you die a decrepit old man or an old woman with the knowledge that life has passed in vain.

How to overcome the fear of life

first step - to understand what the fear of killing you, paralyzes, makes you live a full life.Prove yourself logically, shall describe the points on the paper, if you continue to be afraid to live, you generally lose everything - including yourself.Dreams remain dreams, life would be drab, dreary and miserable.

Realizing the situation, determine what you really want, that will make you feel that life is not lived in vain.A defining, go for it, not paying attention to the fears and obstacles.Remember that the universe favors daring - take the first step, to declare that you are ready to go to the goal, and opportunities will themselves - because they simply can not occur.

is very important to feel the excitement, drive and thirst for success.This is truly a heady feeling that will push you forward, forced to look for ways to achieve this goal.You will be fun, gambling, self-confident.Even failure can not stop you - on the contrary, they will force you to exert more efforts to achieve your dreams.

The most important thing is that your life really changed.It will make sense, it will be filled to the brim with events.You will be just interesting to live in this tormented you ever fear that life will go forever.