Positive attitude

Surely you yourself can guess that people with a positive outlook on life is less prone to painful memories of not the best time in their past life.If you want to enjoy only the good moments that took place at one time, perform work on yourself.

Focus on the positive.Make a list of his victories, and refill it regularly.Do not give place to bad thoughts.Muffles their active perception of reality, work or meditation.If in the past there was a kind of tragedy, protect yourself from those things that can remind you of it.

Most remember that gives you a sense of joy, warmth, tenderness, pride and love.Try to reproduce the sensations of the past as closely as possible.Revise photos from his travels, looking at their own baby pictures.

If you visited some unpleasant thought about your past, to urgently find an antidote to it.Defeat her in some positive, happy memories.When reminded of itself must be some mistake, you perfect a few years ago, think about your achievement, which took place at about the same period of life.

Remember that people are not clearly good or bad.And their actions, too, are different, as well as events that happen to individuals.You decide and choose, what memories you will live.

order in life

Think about what you now interferes enjoy life.Maybe you are burdened with some problems.Then you need to understand them.If you can not do anything, let go of the situation and focus on something else.When you are unhappy with the reality around you, your mind can aggravate the situation and the slip you are not the most pleasant memories, as if to prove that life is a failure.

Therefore, it is important to put things in order in his life.Then you will remember less about the poor.Everything will be ok.A look at past mistakes change.After all, you will see that all the events that happened in the past, eventually led to a positive result.

towards themselves

is important and how you feel about yourself.If you love, respect, appreciate yourself and believe in your own strength, you will easily be able to forgive myself for offenses in the past.You will not harass a unpleasant thoughts and will only enjoy the best moments of his life.

People who are not good enough to themselves are prone punch in self-pity.They somehow masochistic satisfaction again and again mentally going through painful moments that have taken place in the past.Nothing good is occupation can not lead.On the other hand, need to strengthen their will, be above circumstances and feel confident that you can handle almost any misfortune.Think of yourself as a strong personality and a desire to remember the bad go away.