very first rule - to keep each other and the distance partner.Remember when you first met, you kind to each other as valued into the match, as you pleased to see and hear the man?It is important what he says, and you feel that this interest is mutual.Therefore, do not disclose to the end, do not try to spread about himself.Let your relationship will be like a game in which nothing is known yet.The only thing you should be sure of is your mutual honesty and desire to be together.
main mistake of young couples that are on the initial waves of passion rush towards each other and practically "stick together."And in this lies the great danger.Over time, there are things like selfishness, manipulation, grievances, claims to freedom of another person.All
justified fear of losing each other, and, as a rule, such unions does not end good.Therefore, keep your distance, Dear partners, do not monitor his every move, limiting personal freedom, to which he has an absolute right.Be an individual personality which you were when meeting with your loved ones, and let those be it, because it is so you like it.
Take care of each other.Stop pressure on the patients point - in fact it is nothing but a manifestation of aggression.But you are together is to organize a comfortable life together, full of trust and understanding.
Take care of the partner as much as you do it for your car or hairstyles.Not because it is necessary, or are you waiting for something in return, you want to like it, but because you feel good when your loved one is well.
talk to each other about your relationship.Do not save up resentment, anger, feelings of prejudice in something.It is not necessary to hope that the partner on the eyes to read your thoughts.Therefore blurts everything that the other person needs to know, but not in the form of claims or manipulation, but as a request.Or simply share your experiences.
When a man and woman talking to each other, frankly, with the desire to maintain the relationship, they do not need any family psychologist, because they can ask each other questions and to answer them yourself.
Personal space is very important for everyone, and together, this need is not going away.At least half of free time one has to spend on their own: with your friends, in the circle of their own interests, and the periods of solitude is important and useful for the soul.

Therefore, do not try to do everything together and live together.Embark on a journey alone, dividing the space into their personal and general.Well, if everyone will have their own separate room or at least a clearly defined corner of the room.
And most importantly: Men, be men and women, be women!This means that man should be able to take at the right time, the responsibility, to make concrete decisions and in any case not to seek solace from his woman.
The woman should be so wise and strong to be able to sometimes come himself to his opinion and to issue to the forefront of her man.After all, as the proverb says, behind every strong man is a strong woman.