In total there are 37 species of tortoises.20 of them can be found in Africa.Most often, the tortoises are found in open spaces.They can be found in the deserts and semi-deserts, savannas and steppes.Tortoises mostly eat plant foods, can sometimes eat small animals.Feature tortoises is that they can not eat for a long time.They are characterized as the fact that the presence of lush grass, they can do without water.
Galapagos tortoises - the most famous of tortoises.Yet it is called elephantiasis.Due to the name of its size.Adult animal has a length of 1.5 m and a height of 0.5 m. The weight of such a turtle is from 150 to 400 kg.Males are larger than females pretty.The length of life of Galapagos tortoises can be more than 400 years.You can see a turtle on the Galapagos Islands.
Galapagos tortoise
Mediterranean turtle has a size of 25-28 cm. To see a turtle is possible not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the Caucasus, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Georgia.Mediterranean turtles hibernate in the winter, and, waking up in March, begin courtship.
The Mediterranean tortoise
coal or red-turtle lives in South America.It has a medium size, a length of about 55 cm. Omnivorous animal, they are sometimes kept in captivity.However, they calmly eat a variety of fruits, may have a chicken and lean meats.Some feed coal turtle food for dogs and cats.
Red-footed tortoise
leopard tortoise - one of the representatives of tortoises in captivity.Their habitats - deserts and semi-deserts, plains and mountain areas.Eat leopard tortoise only food plant - aloe, thistle, prickly pear and so on.In captivity, they are fed only grass lawn.In no case can not be included in their diet of juicy fruits and vegetables.It can disrupt the digestive tract.
Leopard tortoise
radiated tortoise - one of the most amazing turtles.It can be found on the island of Madagascar.It has a fairly large size - 40 cm long and weighs about 15 kg.This type of threat of extinction of the turtles had, but in 1979 began to plant radiant turtles in captivity.
Radiated tortoise
Central Asian tortoise is unique in its shell.On the sides of the shell there are 25 boards where you can see the grooves.Their number indicates the exact age of the host shell.Central Asian turtles live in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Pakistan.You can find it in Russia in the North-East of the Caspian Sea.
Central Asian tortoise
Panterovaya tortoise rather large representative of tortoises.Its weight varies in the region of 45-50 kg.The length can be 70 cm. Coating turtle shell from panterovoy a dull yellow.And she turtle has a reddish or orange hues.They feed primarily on animal food.Sometimes their diet can include fruits and plants.
Panterovaya turtle
Indian stellate turtle, mostly live in India and Sri Lanka.Its feature is the shell.He is not an ordinary, like most turtles and rays has.Figure shell resembles a star.Females are larger than males, the maximum size - 25 cm. In males, the length does not exceed 15 cm.
Indian stellate turtle
Egyptian tortoise - one of the smallest tortoises.The maximum length of 12.7 cm set. Outwardly, it looks like the Mediterranean tortoise.The difference is only in the arrangement of spots and no build-up.Meet a turtle can be in the Mediterranean between Israel and Libya.
Egyptian Tortoise