beaver family represented by a single genus - the beaver, which only two types - ordinary beaver and Canadian beaver.Both species have similar habits, appearance, habitat.The only difference is that the European Beaver inhabited the Eurasian continent and a Canadian - North America.
Previously it was thought that only a subspecies of Canadian beaver beaver usual.However, more recent studies have shown that they retail in the number of chromosomes - in the common beaver - 48, the Canadian - 40.

Beaver is one of the largest rodents in the world after the capybara, in Eurasia - the largest - its lengthvaries between 90 and 130 cm, the Canadian beaver is slightly smaller.Animal weight is 35 kg.

beaver's body elongated, covered with a thick dark brown, sometimes black fur.Beavers - good swimmers, on the ground they are much less agile.Webbed fingers and a long flat tail helps them move around in the water.

Another interesting adaptation to the aquatic life of the beaver is the isolation from the rest of the incisors of the mouth, allowing the animal to gnaw under water without fear of choking.

Dwellings beavers

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Beavers lodge on the banks of water bodies with dense vegetation along the banks, most of the time in the water.Dwellings beavers are of two types: holes and structures, called lodges.

Nora otters dig in steep banks.Typically, a central living and an extensive network of camera moves, ending several exits.It is noteworthy that the output is always organized under the water to protect homes from predators.

lodges are built where it is impossible to dig holes - in the marshy soil, low banks and shallows.Shed is a conical structure made of brushwood base diameter of up to ten meters in height - up to three.The walls are reinforced with clay huts.

Inside the hut there is a space above the water level and multiple outputs.The air in the housing is fed through a small hole in the ceiling.Inputs, as well as a hole, arranged underwater.

Thus, to protect homes beavers needs rather deep pond.If the depth of the stream or river is not enough, the animals are building dams.


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To maintain the water level in the town of rodents beaver dam erected.Building material are tree trunks, twigs, and sometimes stones.Construct bonded silt and clay.On one side of the platinum suit runoff.
record for the length of the dam belongs to the Canadian beaver.In the north of the US state of New Hampshire found a dam length of more than 1200 meters.

Custom Platinum 20-30 meters in length.The width of the base of 4-6 meters, the upper part - 1-2 meters.The height of the structure, usually about two meters.

Beavers are closely monitoring the dam.In case of damage, the animals repair facility, as it affects the security of the entire settlement.