Remember, all your meetings and activities for the protection of particular species should not cause damage to other animals or plants.Therefore, carefully plan all social movements.Most organizations protect animals created by local governments and public authorities, can join one of them.
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Notice you use fertilizers and poisons to parasites, almost all of them are made up of chemicals that harm not only insects, but also animals.If possible, use natural substances.The same applies to the garbage, throw it in the ballot box only.
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In some cases, require acclimatization - the program on the adaptation of animals to new environmental conditions of life.This may be due to the partial or total destruction of habitats.Therefore, in order to fully protect animals , is necessary to maintain the natural landscape.Do not cut down forests to plant in their area and on vacant lots.
Human activities do not harm the animal or worsen their living conditions.Try to travel less by car, so as not to pollute the air exhaust.Gently operate the vehicle in time to slow down, if the animal will run out onto the road.Do not tear and do not trample plants, they are food and shelter for many wild animals.
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Hunt only when necessary.Never poach.If you decide to breed animals , provide all the necessary conditions for their life.You should have enough area for walking and pet food.Handle them with care, treat and make timely vaccinations.
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Try to convince his friends of the need for humane treatment of animals.If you become a witness poaching or cruelty to the animal world, immediately report the violation to the appropriate service, and the affected animal to a veterinarian Take.