Tip 1: How are fleas in cats

In summer flea - a frequent visitors even in domestic cats, which bring a lot of problems.Many owners are unaware that their pet pretty coat these parasites live.However, regular inspection of the animal and the knowledge of the symptoms of a flea infestation makes them easy to detect.

How to determine what the cat fleas?

cat flea - a wingless insect, which has strongly flattened on the sides of body.But it is very nimble.Even if you manage to see it, you do not have time to consider it.

To understand that the cat is suffering from fleas, does not necessarily need to be seen on the body of an animal is an insect.The behavior of cats you can immediately determine that it suffers fleas.She begins to itch.Over time, fleas multiply, and the cat scratched harder, tearing the skin to the wound.Animal bites also themselves, trying to catch a flea teeth.

itching - a sign not only the presence of fleas, so check the animal.If the body has red dots - it bites of parasites and black specks in the coat - it's their droppings.

Making sure that the cat flea, immediately begin the fight with them.Fleas multiply quickly.One female flea lays up to 300 eggs per day.

more dangerous fleas?

If you do not start the timely control of fleas, their number could rise to 200 individuals in one cat.Can you imagine what torture will experience the animal.

flea bites often cause allergic dermatitis, resulting in falls and cat fur can be bald.

flea larvae feed on eggs of worms so the worms are carriers.

Especially not tolerate the invasion of fleas kittens.They may even develop anemia.And if too many parasites, the kitten may die.

What to do if you find fleas?

fight fleas need special tools - insecticide, which should be selected taking into account breed cat, its age and weight.You must also take into account whether there are children in the house and other animals.

First of all, should be disposed of fleas on animals.If it is a pregnant cat or kitten, which lives a lot of fleas, it is best to show them to the vet, so he picked up for these cases safe drug.Then be sure to treat the places where the cat lives: bedding, carpets, sofas, armchairs.Better yet, treat the entire territory of the home.

If the cat does not go out on the street, it does not mean that it will not get any fleas.You can bring this pest on clothing or shoes.Or a flea can jump out of the entrance to the apartment.Therefore, any cat you need a systematic prevention.For this pre-treated animals means that prevent the emergence of flea.

Tip 2: How are the flea

Fleas are insects thriving in different skin and hair of animals.The most familiar to them is sucking the blood of rabbits, dogs, cats or rats.But beyond that they pose a danger to humans.
How are flea
These insects have a special piercing-sucking machine, through which the flea pierces completely transparent hole on the surface of the skin of its owner and therefore it is saturated with blood.

External signs of fleas

Recognize the insect can be the characteristic features: smooth body having a narrow texture and slightly flattened on the sides.It is necessary to note the presence of small bristles and spines located around the body of the insect and the right to be able to move and stay on the coat of the victim.

head and chest hidden under the toothed flea combs, called ktendiyami.The size of the adult reaches from 1 to 5 millimeters.A female that has already sated, it happens, and reaches 10 mm in length.

on his head fleas are special antennas that, if necessary, hide in special antennal fossa.In the case where an insect goes hunting, the antennas come with the aim to detect a vulnerability in the victim.

jumping flea with three pairs of very strong legs, which are on her abdomen.Sensory organ, which is located on the rear of the body of the flea, is required for instant capture hesitation air in the environment.

There are about one thousand species of these insects.The most interesting is that this family is often devoid of vision or have the simple partial their manifestations.The study of life

fleas and characteristics of the organism occurs only with a microscope.The largest collection of specimens located at the British Museum.

place of residence fleas

presence of a large number of species of fleas due to favorable climatic conditions.It is believed that the number of fleas varies depending on the time of year.Upon the occurrence of the cold period, their number slightly decreased, and vice versa - as soon as there comes the heat, the insects begin to actively proliferate.

Very often, these insects settle near rodent burrows.In the living room, they are most often found in small cracks on the floor, under different covers and in a dusty field where the most time-consuming to get a man.

Over the entire period of his life female flea can delay about four hundred eggs.To deal with this disaster should begin with the special measures that can stop the process of breeding fleas and kill individuals already born.