not call strangers and dogs do not flirt with them.No matter how friendly she did not seem to you, remember that apart from the dogs wag their tails and have sharp fangs.Perhaps the animal will perceive your very "game" the gesture as a signal to attack.
get away from the dogs
Do not approach a dog when it is eating or keen love games.Also, do not disturb the dogs who guard any thing or waiting for his master.
get rid of the dog tick
Beware of the dogs that guard the homes and cottages.It used to protect the plant "high-profile" mongrel mongrels, and now try to buy and train dogs, taught to kill.
breed kindest
Do not turn your back to the dog ever.You can not know how it is set up in relation to your person.
how to protect themselves from attack by dogs
Follow these tips if you still met aggressive dog and that he chose you to their victim.Do not try to run away from a dog .You only provoke chase and attack awakening instincts of the hunter.Quietly standing on the site of the sacrifice the dog perceives as a dangerous opponent, ready to fight, and so feared.
read the magazine
derogate from the attacking dog , slowly backing away, the main thing is not to break away from her eyes and did not express any signs of anxiety.Do not wave your arms and do not make any sudden movements that could provoke even more aggression.
dog with the team, "stand" or "Fu" confident voice.Perhaps reflexes elaborated in the last contact with the people, it will stop.
Take those into the hands of a stone or a stick, if the dog is still determined and the previous steps have not helped.Scare the dog, swinging, very difficult, so do not lose and beat.Weak impact is only able to embitter the animal, so hit with full force - it will cause the dog to leave the "battlefield".If the dog is very close - foot hit in the stomach.
Use special methods of protection against aggressive dogs.This may be pepper spray, ultrasound, or electroshock deterrent dogs.From "national" means you can use a handful of red pepper.