How to behave when meeting with a snake?

Meetings with these reptiles can be avoided simply have to be very careful, watch your step.Must be treated carefully and to the branches that hang over you, as often a snake sitting in the trees.In no case do not pull the branches of the trees and swing.When walking, make noise, stomp, scuffs and the rustle of the stick in front of him.Snake heard that approaches it, try as quickly as possible to escape from you.This creeping creature, like you, is not eager to meet.

If you come across a snake in his path, in any case, do not make sudden movements and do not try to touch it.In most cases, they are not aggressive, do not attack man.Snake can snap if you severely scared or it is close to laying eggs.Happy reptiles may be sleepy and sluggish, but that does not mean that it can pick up or take a picture with her.Having found a snake, immediately stop and Freeze, then slowly retreated.Never turn your back to the creeping creature.

Try to avoid walking over rough terrain in the absence of roads.If you have decided to conquer the unknown distance, then you have to carefully take care of the equipment.You will need high boots made of durable material, reliable and tight pants with extra protection below the knee.Most reptiles sleep during the day and hunt at night.Therefore, in the dark you need to move around with a flashlight, looking carefully at his feet.Do not touch (or better even bypass party) fallen tree trunks, rocks and stumps.Such shady spots - a favorite refuge for snakes, poisonous spiders and scorpions.

Help with snake bite

have bitten a person begins to decrease blood pressure, there is vomiting, dizziness.These effects are short-lived, usually lasting for one to two hours.After that there is a rapidly growing tumor, nasty nagging pain at the site of the bite.

necessary to provide first aid to a person who suffered from a snake bite.First of all it is necessary to reassure, it is very important as in the excited state can begin tachycardia.The heart will beat faster, the poison will spread faster.Let the victim drink several glasses of water, tea or juice, apply on the bite cold to reduce swelling.Limit the mobility of a person to slow the spread of venom.Immediately call an ambulance or try to bring the victim to the nearest hospital.If you do not have sores in your mouth, then you can suck the poison and spit it.The medical facility will make the patient an injection antidotal serum.