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  • books on dog breeds, the opinion of all members of the family
First consider all the circumstances of the acquisition of the dog.If you have other pets, you'll notice how they will behave when a new family member.This is especially true of cats, which by virtue of its independence, and cleanliness, not always peacefully coexist with dogs.If you already have a dog, pick up the second rock, so that they got along together.For example, an aggressive alabai unlikely friends with a terrier, although this is quite vozmozhno.Esli you have small children, you tell them in advance how to behave with the dog.Large breed dogs can be dangerous for a child.If the child is very young and does not yet understand that the dog - a living being, try to prevent unpleasant situations.Not every dog ​​will suffer when being pulled by the tail, or interfere with the process of food.In most dogs are extremely loyal to their children and become for them a kind of "nannies."
how to keep a dog
Just determine such important issues as feeding and festivities.The dog will need to pay a lot of time.Moreover, if you are going away for a vacation, try to decide who you leave your pet.If an animal is sick, it is necessary to take him to the doctor.We need to think through in advance whether you have the ability to take time off from work.Unfortunately, many such issues arise even after the acquisition of a dog.
how to find a parrot boy or a girl
important point - for what purpose you need a dog.If you need to charge the guard, then fit the German or Caucasian Shepherd Alabai, Moscow sentry and others.These breeds may be winter outside, but their inherent protective qualities'll never let you down.Please note that the Caucasian Shepherd has a strong-willed and strong character, so it is quite difficult to train.If you are a hard man, this breed is just for you, but if not - choose to have ovcharku.Hotite German friend who will support in difficult times and who are not afraid to walk the streets at night?Then you pit bull terrier, giant schnauzer, rottweiler, etc.Fans ideal hunting hound, setter, dachshund, greyhound and spaniel.In the years they develop and cultivate the quality of the hunter, so they will never let you down in the pursuit of birds, badger or couch potatoes zaytsem.Dlya Great Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, English or French Bulldog, Pekingese, Pinscher and others.If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, driving a sporty lifestyle, then you have to fit huskies, malamutes, Akitas.They love to run, jump and pull for a sled as it is an inherent feature of the breed.
where to buy a good dog
defined the breed, you need to choose the sex of the dog.Here is easier: a boy or girl, no middle ground.Females in training easier, more affectionate and obedient.They do not climb into the fray, rarely run away from home and love their masters, because they often have for him maternal feelings.Males aggressively inclined to escape and love "build" the whole family.
A select adult dog or puppy - it's up to you.Puppies are fun and cute.You will experience the joy of owning a dog, bring him up as you see fit.He, in turn, will know your habits and needs, schedule and personality.You have accumulated sea funny stories and photos.But
to adult dog says is that you manage to avoid all the "child" of disease, sleepless nights and long months of trainings.
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