Laws animals taken by the Government of Moscow

Today Moscow - one of the few cities in Russia, which accepted and legally approved civilized attitude to the stray and abandoned pets.Laws passed by the Moscow government, brings a new level of relations of the authorities and citizens to those for whom it must be responsible.Policy humane treatment of stray animals is that the capital budget annually provides a means to regulate the number of animals and keeping them in the municipal shelters, as well as to help the shelters, which operate on a voluntary basis and have private funding.

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Since 2001 the Order №403-ICR, which is made on the basis of castration and sterilization of animals living in the local area, their accounting and registration.In order to increase the effectiveness of measures taken by government decree №819-PP capital on 01.10.2002, the official decision was taken on the organization of shelters for homeless animals in each administrative district of the city.In accordance with this decree have been allocated plots of land, which were summed up the necessary communications, built enclosures, office buildings, and veterinary offices.

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city government allocates funds and the maintenance of animals in these shelters, although you only pay for the first six months, and then the dogs and cats are financed by donations and private donations, as well as in the West.

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Capital animal shelters

course, despite the concern shown by the authorities, municipal shelters are not always able to provide the animals worthy content.They employ random people, mostly migrant workers, and not all of them are equipped with all the benefits provided for by the regulations.But in these shelters often found volunteers who not only care for the animals, but they are actively looking for new owners.

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Currently in Moscow and adjacent areas (Odintsovo, Khimki and others) are more than 30 shelters, both municipal and those contained public organizations and private traders.Private shelters that accept dogs and cats, and are located on the Moscow address:
- st.Zorge, house 21a, tel.8-916-024-36-40;
- Botanical Garden in the territory of the Exhibition Center, tel.8-499-972-40-83;
- Dawn Alley.10, tel.8-906-046-27-01;
- First Avenue Maevka, p. 7A, tel.8-915-100-88-94;
- Solntsevo, projected travel, house 720 tel.8-926-908-23-92.

addresses municipal shelters:
- st.Red Pine, subway Sviblovo, tel.8-968-759-59-16;
- st.Oak Grove, 23-25, tel.8-916-127-88-04.

If you want to help or take home an animal shelter, and their addresses and telephone numbers can always be found on the Internet.Shelters will be any help in the form of donations, and as a volunteer to participate in their work.