therapy when interacting with dogs called Canistherapy.Talking to dogs is useful for children with developmental delay, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy.Dogs are friendly, sociable, kind.Communicating with them, sick children forget for a moment the pain, they receive the necessary attention, psychological support.At constant contact with adult dogs will be less prone to depression, fatigue, apathy.A dog can become a true and loyal friend of a lonely person.Caring for a dog is not so complicated, so to have a friend at home - true happiness.
animals to help treat people
Felinoterapiya - therapies that have a cat person.Especially useful to communicate with cats for people with mental illness, heart disease.Cats can help with depression, neuroses and mania.As you know, they like to go to the affected area of ​​the human body.You should not drive with a cat himself as animal power can bring great benefits to the body.Guileless affection and purring cat can soothe, relax and even help quickly fall asleep.In addition to these advantages, any house cat will bring comfort and peace of mind.
essay how animals help each other
People who have suffered a mental shock and trauma, useful dolphin.Dolphins love people and society are able to determine, sick or healthy people, making contact with him certain sounds.Sharing with people of their own bioenergy, dolphins after contact with them, are in need of rest.Dolphin therapy is carried out in special centers staffed by trained people who know all the details of the behavior of dolphins.
As animals affect human health
Another type zootherapy - hippotherapy, in other words, horseback riding.Horseback riding a favorable effect on physical development: set proper breathing, increases the tone of the circulatory system, muscular system is activated.In addition, increased attention to developing memory.Hippotherapy useful for children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, epilepsy.Communication with horses and care for them charge cheerfulness, rid of a bad mood, give a positive mood for the perception of reality.
animals and trees useful for each other