Pros and cons of dog

How to start the first dog

The advantages include the dog mind, devotion.Dogs willingly perform assignments.For example, bring shoes.Also, dogs guarding the house, and if necessary, can come to the defense of the host.Particularly beneficial impact of dogs on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, as well as autistic children.

Does your dog

Undoubtedly, the four-legged friend will bring a lot of joy to all members of the household, but such an acquisition, there are drawbacks.The dog will need to pay a lot of time.For example, for a walk with her.It does not matter what the weather is outside, and how you feel.Also, the pet will need to be washed, and if necessary cut.

how to get a dog

Dogs need to educate and train.Otherwise, it becomes a vicious animal.The dog will continue to spoil your things, try to bite you and your guests.

Going on Vacation can also be problematic.To take the dog with them is not always possible, and attach it to this time in good hands even harder.Of course, you can use the hotel for dogs.Only catch is that these institutions do not operate in every city, and the price can be quite high.However, if you are not afraid of difficulties and are willing to devote most of their time pet, buy this wonderful animal.

What breed of dog is the kind

Advantages and disadvantages of cats

Cats, unlike dogs, do not require so much attention.They do not need to walk.A cat can be a long time alone at home.If the owners need to leave, the cat can easily attach.In addition, all sanitary procedures it performs independently.

According to many cat breeders are able to exert a beneficial effect on human health.For example, it normalizes blood pressure, improve mood.

Lack of cats - a complete lack of loyalty.Man it is interesting only to meet their own needs.In addition, cats are almost impossible to train.What they are good at, so it is to catch mice.

However, if you are in need of psychological relief, if you're lazy or busy man, coming to the permanent departure, stop the choice on this furry friend.Do not forget to consult with other family members.Perhaps the majority will vote for the dog, and some even want to take some of the responsibility for the care of her myself.Then it is necessary to reconsider its point of view.Also opted for a dog to be, if your family has or soon to be born baby.Dog without permission will never come to the child.A cat can be a danger to him.