What kind of cat is neutered

anorexia in cats

Adult cat tend to mark territory, and he does it with the help of a secret that has a very unpleasant odor resistant.If the cat can not mark the bush corner of the house, fence, denoting the boundaries of their possessions to other individuals of their species, he will do it with your wallpaper, furniture, and sometimes clothing.Nothing can be done about such their nature intended.

wean cat mark territory

If the cat is always in the apartment and has no way to go out, you should think seriously about his sterilization, to make your life together with him more comfortable for both.

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If the cat screams at night, interfering with sleep, behaving aggressively and in addition to all made a puddle on the bed - it is also an occasion to facilitate his life by castration.

How cats behave after castration

If you do not plan to look for his favorite friend or use it as a manufacturer, you should not torture animals, it is better to castrate.

Why do neutered cats

There are cases where castration is needed, such as mechanical trauma or malignancy.

positive and negative aspects of the castration cat

If you do decide to neuter a cat, any veterinarian approve your decision.Just do not rush sterilization.Urogenital little kitten is not yet formed, and after castration to stop its development.It is best neutered cat after about the 7th month of life.A sure sign that it's time to the vet - this is something that the cat began to be labeled.But if the cat was having an affair with a cat, after castration, he may continue to mark territory.Such cats production of sex hormones produced not only the testicles and pituitary gland and which can not be removed.Neutered cats, unlike castrated practically not suffer from prostatitis, prostate tumors and other infections.

Castrated cat becomes calm and affectionate.

Neutered cats are prone to obesity, so should review their food if the animal started to gain weight.

Also, such cats are at risk of developing kidney stones.Their diet should be reduced content of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.That is, if you want a cat lived longer, do not feed his fish.Most veterinarians recommend feeding industry specific feeds created with the needs of neutered cats.

weigh the "pros" and "cons", you will be able to make intelligent decisions neutered cat or not, and take responsibility for the consequences of such a decision.