Make a to-do list for the day: to include everything, even the trip to the store or walk the dog.Emphasize what you think is particularly important.So you create for themselves a kind of "filter": will know exactly what needs to be done urgently, and what can be delayed for an hour, a day or perhaps a week."Porridge" will disappear from the head, thoughts come to order.It becomes clear - no global no problems, everything is simple and clear.
careful about time.For example, when you are going to work, then you spend a couple of hours trying to make up (if necessary), to choose the right clothes, have breakfast, etc.Ahead clearly "looming" late.Running will need "at breakneck speed", and having to find that you will find an enormous "bunch" urgent matters.Messy start can set the rhythm for the whole day.You will not have time to everywhere, every trouble seems the approaching catastrophe, and the problem difficult, almost insoluble.Although in order to put everything in its place, it is enough to "make friends" with the clock.Mentally estimate, how much time is spent on a particular case, and try to fit into this framework.So you will understand and follow our plans: organization can make your view of the world much easier.
And, most importantly, in any place, even in the completed chart, highlight at least a few minutes to rest: relax, cover your eyes, feel the confidence.After all, how do you feel about many things, it depends on the peace of mind and balance.The person in the inner world where there is harmony, not usually prone to excessive, sometimes completely unnecessary and diligence.He looks at all of moderate severity, and sometimes with a touch of humor.