Taking responsibility - the first thing that should make people starting to improve their "I".Take responsibility for your life into your own hands and stop blaming something of other people or circumstances.All that is happening to you now, and that who you are - only your merit, and only you can change everything.
When you need to choose the right direction in which you have to move all my life, or some of its large-scale segment.This is a very difficult decision, and it should be carefully considered.Connect both logic and intuition, and your aspirations, dreams and talents.
Do not limit yourself in anything.This concerns, first of all, the lack of any framework that you yourself can also afford to build.The main thing - is to believe in yourself, then there will be no room for excuses why you can not.You can everything.
Be patient.Fruits germinate immediately, maturation takes time, so do not worry, you do not see results overnight.Quick fruits deceptive, but it will take a little time and you will see that your efforts into something even exceed your expectations.
Each passing day is given to us for a reason.Every day we get a lot of experience, which is important not only not to miss, but also qualitatively assimilate.Do not miss anything important that happens in life, and make timely correct conclusions.
Sow a habit - reap a character, so says the eastern wisdom.Create yourself positive daily habits, and they will gradually displace all negative.For example, reading, walking, meditation, journaling an hour a day - it's all very positive impact on your life.
Stop fear.That fear stops us on the way to the top, that it does not allow us to take the next step, rolling away a few positions back.To stop being afraid, you need to look fear in the face.And with courageous spirit to go do what you need.
thinketh, so is the world - this is another wisdom to remember and enjoy it forever.Tune your mind to a positive, even if you hesitate about something difficult or unpleasant.Things are determined by our view on them, so adjust your view accordingly.
Setting as thoughts create our life, nourishes it and moves.Make around you were just the people who are able to inspire, delight you, with which you can do things you love and share positive energy.After each such communication you will feel internal growth and harmony, and that is exactly what you need for personal improvement.