As a child, the bulk of the decisions taken for the child's parents.They buy him clothes to your own taste, prepare lunches and dinners to your preference.Therefore, the child is surrounded by most of the problems and did not think about making major decisions.

in more mature age people have a need to choose.Teens begin to think about, what school do they learn how to choose a specialty, and most importantly - who build their life together.Each of these choices will change a person's life in one direction or another, so you need a very serious approach to this process.

How a person takes the decisions?Perhaps this is a very complex process of biochemical reactions in the brain, but all can be simplified and reduced to three basic methods.

first method can be called sensuous.When a man stands in front of a certain choice, it is guided by their feelings.For example, a young man is on the second one first, and then the other girl he wants to invite in the cafe.And the choice of stops on the beloved, which is more positive emotions.This method is typical for emotional people, but they can often fail, because emotions are not permanent, and the selection is sometimes impossible to correct.

second option - it is when you are guided by the views and advice of other people.For example, your dad worked all his life as a welder, and he gives you advice to follow in his footsteps.Or do you have a neighbor who bought a new phone and advises you to purchase the same.This way of doing things is characteristic of people adrift, and does not imply an opinion of their own.

And the last method - an analytical.It is meant to analyze all or most of the factors and consequences arising from the adoption of certain decisions.This is the most difficult and psychologically heavy decision-making process, which may take a long period of time and cause psychological stress human due to fluctuations at the time of decision-making.This method is typical for people self-confident and do not allow the primacy of feelings over reason.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and people use all three methods depending on the situation.For example, it would not be quite appropriate to analyze the qualitative characteristics of his future wife.And in this case, most people would prefer to make a decision with their emotions.

But in any case, no matter how strong feelings, and that you did not advise others - a little analysis for each decision can not hurt.And then I do not have to think about how to take new decisions for bugfixes.