you need
  • - Cactus;
  • - potassium phosphate;
  • - fresh earth.
Finding plants in a state of growth - that is what is needed for the flowering cactus.Nevertheless, in most cases, amateur growers holding house cactus surviving, not growing.Never use a backup for growing cactus.In this case, the plant is severely weakened root system, flowering and he simply did not have the strength.
Periodically Repot in fresh earth cactus and do not forget that this plant also requires watering.However, it should not be used for transplantation Black Earth or the greenhouse soil, as in this case a cactus quickly "lazy."Great damage to the plant, preparing to bloom, causing feeding organic and mineral fertilizers.Do not forget that in the wild cactus grows in the soil, devoid of humus.
plant is older than 3 years old enough to repot every 3-4 years.The nutrients found in fresh soil, it would be enough until the next transplant.The only thing that you can use a solution of potassium phosphate, prepared from 1 liter of water and fertilizer program.Do not overdo it!Spend just dressing fertilizer in early spring during the month at weekly intervals.
precondition, how to make cactus blossom is correct hibernation.If the plant is able to ride out the winter in cool conditions, ending at the time of growth, it probably will flourish.In the winter months old ripen gains and buds appear.You can spot them for 30-50 days before flowering.Water the cactus from November to March, not more than once a month.
summer try to keep the cactus in the fresh air, and it is better do not store overnight in a stuffy room.Cactus very positively reacted to the night temperature drop.It hardens the plant and prevents contamination of the red mite.The amount of sunlight needed for flowering, depending on the type of cactus.Place the pot with the plant in direct sunlight, and always turn the cactus to light the same side.Changing light inhibits the growth of buds.