1. To remove stubborn adhesive plaster to the wound, soak it with vodka.A solution of the adhesive.

2 To clean the darkened joints filled with grout or sealant in bathrooms and showers, fill a spray bottle with vodka, seal the spray on, wait for five minutes and rinse with water.The alcohol in the vodka kills fungi and other microorganisms.

3. Often just bought things, especially on the dishes, there are labels, wash and tear that can not be a long time.If you rub a sticker with a sponge soaked in vodka, a couple of minutes, and will dissolve the adhesive sticker easily depart.

4. Vodka helps odor fume.But it can also serve as a means of combating it.Pour vodka into a jar (200 g), to the same place 1 tspmint and cinnamon powder, leave for 10 days.So conditioner use as needed.Do not get carried away and do not swallow flavored drink!

5. If you add a little vodka in the dough (puff, shortcrust), it will be easier kneaded.Alcohol evaporates during baking and remain in the test air layers.

6. vodka kills bacteria.If you type it into a small pulvelizatora you can use instead of antibacterial gel (in the car, on a walk, a picnic).

7. If you add to a liter of water a teaspoon of sugar and vodka, it will help you keep longer fresh cut flowers: nourishing sugar and vodka does not evolve putrid bacteria.

8. As an antiseptic vodka is easy to cope with disinfection of abrasions, cuts, scratches.It dries acne and herpes sores.
Vodka can dampen burns, evaporates, it cools the skin and relieves.

9. If you come to visit in the new tight shoes and triumph you this is not a joy, splash of vodka 50 g each shoe, moistened especially tight spaces, and after 15 minutes, enjoy the fact that under the influence of alcohol stretching shoes stoppedbe a problem.

10. Wiping the morning and evening foot vodka, you can get rid of the unpleasant smell of feet.

11. If you want to quickly bring the temperature down, wipe underarms, chest, back, patient vodka and covers him then too warm.The recipe can not be used for children!

12. When inflammation of the ear do around the ear vodka compress, and inside the drip a few drops of warm vodka.

13. When ironing dissolve 50 grams of vodka, 15 drops of lavender oil or any oil you a pleasant, carefully stir.This mixture pour a liter of water.Add the liquid to the tank steam iron.Your underwear impregnated with a delicate flavor.Do not worry, no oil stains on things will not stay!