If you have purchased or produced handmade soaps and do not intend to keep it longer than a week, you can wrap it in cellophane or plastic wrap simple.After that soap should be removed in a dark, dry place and keep it in a cool, you can even in the refrigerator.
For longer storage, better use parchment.Wrap the soap in one or two layers and place it in a dry place at room temperature, for example, in a closet or drawer.
Soap can become a great interior decoration and stored in the clear, not wrapped in cellophane or paper.Before you place it in your home, make sure that none of the family members are not allergic to the components included in it.Also ask, would not annoy them smell coming from the soap.
best to position the handmade soap on the shelf in the bathroom.It is not necessary to put it on a side shell, as by contact with water it can become cloudy.Warn your loved ones that you should not use it because it kind of loses.If small children in the house, remove the soap in inaccessible place for them, because kids love to try all tastes.
You can also put the soap in the room, on a coffee table or nightstand.At the same time it should not be in the sun or under a lamp, and the room should be normal humidity.If the room is too dry, the soap may crack.To avoid this, it is possible to periodically sprinkle a small amount of spray of clean water.Also at the open storage of handmade soap, you should regularly clean the dust from the surface.This can be done with a dry cloth, if the soap is hard and dry or damp cloth if it is sufficiently soft (eg, glycerin).For convenience, you can place it in a transparent soap dish with a lid, it will greatly facilitate the care and allow longer keep the soap.