first thing that starts to leave behind things - a laundry.Once things got splashed, do not store them in the locker room, it's bad for other things, first of all, it's unhygienic!Each thing has a label that indicates at what temperature is it washed, ironed, and how best to store.These tips will help maintain the shape and color of things.Such clothing as costumes, evening dresses, coats and jackets is best to give to the dry cleaners, because at home it is difficult to produce high-quality cleaning.

Fur Coats and after the season and should be properly stored.After cleaning the product, pick up special hanger with wide shoulders that things have not lost the look and shape.For the storage of outdoor clothing, there are special cases with a breathable fabric that allows high quality store things.In each case place the special tool against moths.It is important to sometimes erode the robe, but should avoid sunlight and high temperatures.

Knitwear must be stored neatly folded, in any case, not hanging on a hanger, as has the ability to stretch jersey.Keep things better on the shelves folded as knits easily wrinkled and deformed.

Shoes are usually stored separately from the things every couple should be folded into a separate box.Each box should be based on a special tool that will help get rid of odors and insects.

Things are worn seasonally best stored in separate plastic bags, they should be removed from the area prior to the availability of the season.

is very important at least once a month to release a fully clothes and wipe the dust on all its surfaces.

Of course, it's great if you have a large wardrobe, and you can not afford to sort things by color, season, tissues.Take for blouses, socks, ties, shirts, underwear and other small things separate shelves.Pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts hang on a hanger.It is advisable to keep all things in ironing as to when you pulls the right thing, she was in a state of wearable - it is very convenient.If clothes are small, it is recommended all things inappropriate size placed in hard to reach places, and things that you wear all the time, should be at hand.The most important rule is the cleanliness and orderliness.