Preparing the laundry for washing

  • will be correct if you have next to the washing machine is laundry basket or box with holes for ventilation - it can be folded and store dirty laundry until the moment when you decide to start alaundry.
  • Keep laundry in a basin, of course, possible, but due to damp it may acquire an unpleasant odor or mold cover it difficult to wash out.Therefore, we must make sure that the laundry was not wet, but the door to the bathroom - was open.
  • Sort dirty laundry.Do not immerse in the washing machine too dissimilar things.Lacy lingerie and things of a more dense tissue should be washed separately, can not be washed well with wool - and linen or cotton.In the separation must be separated from each other clothes, which require different temperatures in the wash water.The recommended temperature range can be viewed on sewn labels.
  • colors and whites also washed separately, since things can shed, and with such mixed colors may change or fade.A terry items should be washed separately at all, so as not to disturb the structure of the tissue, consisting of fluffy loops.
  • should share as heavily contaminated and relatively clean linen.
  • Before you start washing, check the pockets - they can stay a little thing that can damage the items or the wash machine, the desired small pieces of paper with phone numbers, paper notes, cigarette tobacco and the like.
  • should be turned inside out trousers, skirts - so you keep them longer than the color and texture of fabric.
  • All things necessary to prepare: to undo the buttons, zip zippers, hooks, tie the laces and ribbons, straighten the cuffs.
  • Check whether stains on clothes.You may need to carry out the preliminary steps to clean difficult to wash out stains.


  • Delicate items made of thin fabrics (chiffon, silk), angora, mohair - it is better to wash your hands using liquid detergent.If you do not have liquid assets - can be used for hair shampoo.
  • When pours the powder into the water, it is not necessary to immediately drop the clothes.Wait until the powder is completely dissolved.This applies to both washing and soaking.
  • Things "shed", should be washed in cold water and rinse the - in water with vinegar (it must be a little bit, 1 tablespoon 1 basin of medium size).
  • soft things, as well as articles of terry fabrics should be to rinse in water with salt, so that they have not lost their softness.

machine washable

  • not to fill the machine "up", underwear should be free to "flounder" in the water.
  • proportioning of detergent.Too much or too little powder on the weight of the laundry opredeoennuyu may adversely affect the quality of washing.The ratio of the powder and the amount of laundry can be found in the instructions for the washing machine.
  • Make sure that the water was not too tight, or your washing machine to quickly come into disrepair.To soften water, you can add the special softener and antiplaque agent, to working on the parts of the mechanism is not obrazovyvalast scale.
  • Do not load the machine things different density and weight, as the uneven distribution of mass in the drum of the machine will lead to excessive vibration - and this noise, bouncing, and as a result, reducing the life of the machine or semiautomatic machine.

After washing

  • crumpled after drying or dewatering clothing or linen should be well shaken to smoothed it, and only then to hang on clothesline.
  • Some things (eg, delicate knits or wool) should not hang to dry as they can lose form.It is better to put them on the floor, on the couch - or paper towels on top, giving them the desired shape.
  • Linen better does not dry because it is bad then ironed, and the fibers become brittle.Remove things that are going to iron, with clothesline, slightly moist.
  • bright things and things of delicate fabrics you should not be dried in the sun, because the paint can fade and white fabric - yellow.
  • If things dry in the cold, remove them very carefully so as not to break the hardened fiber, let soak in a warm room, to the product thawed and the fibers become soft.