use cedar resin

resin can be obtained from cedar, spruce, pine, larch.It is often popularly referred to as turpentine.By oleoresin composition is a thick sticky mass, which can be hardened by leakage from the tree.It contains many resin acids and a variety of useful substances such as terpineol, pinenes, carene and others.

particular importance is the sap of cedar.Cedar resin helps to normalize metabolism, improves blood circulation and thus the brain, which in turn is widely used in treating the elderly.The resin can be used in Alzheimer's disease, dementia, as well as poor memory performance and brain.

Cedar resin has a positive effect on the heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks.Besides turpentine inherent good antiseptic properties, so it is often used for skin diseases, injuries.Of great importance is the fact that this substance can help and tumor formations.There are official data that it contributes to a rapid destruction of the tumor cells with radiation therapy patient.

Zhivitsa other conifers

fir resin also has healing properties.It is active in infectious diseases of bacterial origin and can be used as an antibacterial agent.Indications: diseases of the oral mucosa, such as angina, diseases of the nasal cavity - sinusitis, rhinitis, stomach ulcers, gastritis, and others.

The practice of female fir resin can be useful for thrush.The good effect of the substance gives the therapy of skin disorders, namely in the treatment of boils, carbuncles, weeping eczema.As for the pine resin, it is widely used in the manufacture of turpentine, rosin and tar.

first well suited for complex treatment of rheumatism, neurological disorders.Resin beads into use in the presence of coughing as an expectorant in an amount of 5 - 6 to 2 - 3 times per day.It should be noted that the sap successfully used for many centuries.

In ancient times, using it strengthens the gums and teeth, performed embalming.Today the resin and do some office supplies, such as glue.Thus, the resin of coniferous trees - this is a very useful and valuable product, which is available to almost everyone.