preferable to wash the windows in calm, non-solar and cool weather.The fact that the wind and the heat will promote rapid drying of the glass and from the divorce would be difficult to get rid of after the evaporation of moisture.In addition, the sun and the glare from the windows it will not allow to assess whether a purely glass.

Methods washing windows

for washing windows should be prepared with warm soapy water to which you want to add ammonia, it will need 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water.Rags soaked in the prepared solution should be washed glass, frame, window sills, windows and the outside of the doorway.This step is necessary to remove accumulated dirt.

Then you can switch to glasses, they must be washed again with clean water, freeing the surface from the remains of soap solution.Then the glass is necessary to rub the cloth on the basis of microfiber or soft cloth, which was previously to be sprinkled with alcohol.

will get rid of divorces wet glass and newsprint.She should rub the glass to dry, pre newspaper should take the form of a lump.The secret of newsprint in the texture, which allows you to add shine glasses, as well as the ability to quickly absorb moisture.Among other things, the ink contains lead, which gives the glass shine.

Alternate washing glasses

help with washing windows and chalk.To start with the glass should be washed with a solution of soap.After it will wipe solution of chalk, which may be substituted toothpowder.For this 2 tablespoons of powder to be dissolved in 1 liter of water.After waiting for drying the glass, you can wipe it with a cloth.

Shine is able to give the glass and vinegar.To do this you need to add it in warm water, then the glass should be cleaned with water.Starch is also famous for its ability to clean the glass, for that it in the amount of 1 tablespoon to add to a liter of water.Designed to cope with the task and bleach, it will need per liter of liquid '50 Last resort gets rid of even inveterate dirt.

To give extra shine to the glass, the water you need to add salt.To not often wash the windows, they should be periodically cleaned with a soft woolen cloth, which is necessary to moisten a little linseed oil, then surface to wipe the wool or cotton cloth.

flies cease to love to sit on the window, if it is processed with vinegar.Make the window not only clean, but also to eliminate its fogging in the winter cleaning of the surface with a solution of purified glycerin and alcohol in the preparation of the solution should be to build on 1:20.