particular relief and volume jacquard fabrics in the process of acquiring the complex weave.Jacquard yarn may be a natural - cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic - polyester.

Jacquard very strong and durable, resistant to abrasion and stretching it through a special weave.If these thin silk thread, fabric turns tender and cool.But if jacquard made of thick linen yarn, fabric weight and density becomes so necessary when sewing curtains night.

How to care for jacquard cloth curtains

For all its strength Jacquard does not tolerate negligence of care, since improper washing and drying may be deformed.You can give the curtains Jacquard in clean, if not confident in their abilities.Those who are not afraid of difficulties, should take note the following rules to care for jacquard fabric.

Wash fabric with jacquard weave, you can manually and in the washing machine at delicate cycle, and temperature to 30 ° C.Choose a neutral powder.Never use cleaning jacquard chemical cleaners.

Jacquard curtains do not bleach and wring twist.Drying such tissue better in the open air, but in the shade, avoiding contact with the wet web of direct sunlight.When drying the house is not to hang wet jacquard near heaters and radiators.If the fabric will dry unevenly possible deformation structures weaving.In this case, the curtains will lose their presentable.

If you erase jacquard curtains by hand, use ordinary soap - without the active dye and strong fragrances.Dried jacquard fabric should be ironed on the reverse side, putting the average temperature if a part has a synthetic fabric.Cotton and linen curtains can otglazhivat at a maximum temperature of 120 ° C.

Features jacquard weaving

picture that you see on jacquard cloth, can be obtained in two ways.First - Machine weaving colorful threads, in this case, it turns out like a jacquard tapestry expensive.Second - patterning the finished fabric with a special ink (printing).

Jacquard shall not explore feline claws.Acute Scratchy pulled some strings from the figure and recover marketable product in this case is practically impossible.