When selecting a location for the dining area is guided primarily by convenience.A cozy corner for dining can arrange the living room or the kitchen - the main thing that dining area is close to the kitchen, as the hostess will be much easier to carry cooked meals.
key element of the dining area are, of course, table and chairs.First, determine the size of furniture.Remember that the width of the seat should be at least 70 centimeters.If your family consists of four people, the length of the table should be about 120 centimeters, and the width - not less than 80 centimeters.The distance between the chairs must be at least 70 cm, because people should be able to be away from the table and go out freely, without bothering with the rest of the family.
As for the design of the table and chairs, they do not have to match the design and color of the rest of the room.But still choose this furniture that will fit into the style of the room.For example, if you decide to arrange a dining area in the living room in classic style, the table and chairs should be made of wood, preferably with beautiful carvings.Well, if you're going to have dinner in the kitchen, decorated in the style of hi-tech, you can buy a beautiful metal furniture.Note also the color of the walls - it must be bright.
can select dining area beautiful carpet - so it will look spectacular.But remember that you must purchase a carpet that is easy to clean, as during a meal stains on it is almost inevitable.
Decorate dining area by a cute knick-knacks and decorations.For example, place the candles on the table, get a beautiful chair covers and a tablecloth for the dining table.
should also pay attention to the lighting.It is desirable to hang a chandelier in the center of the table.Pick the appropriate style lamp.For example, chandeliers make sincere and romantic atmosphere, and beautiful shiny chandeliers will make your dining area more luxurious and expressive.