water by an amazing coincidence, not only penetrates the feathers of geese, but also going to large drops, sliding along the body of the animal.However, if the dip bird first in warm, then cold water, feathers lose their mysterious properties, which suggests the existence of a kind of lubrication that does not allow water to penetrate the strong "armor" of feathers, because the molecules of water and fat are not able to interact with familiarmanner. Curiously, geese worse females dive and swim most of their lives they spend on land.

Bold secret

than to feed the geese summer

special layer of fat covers the skin and all the space mezhperevoe poultry fat produced by glands, which is located in the tail of the bird on the spine, a so-called oil gland secretion.The secret comes out through special tubules when the bird beak presses on them.By the way, the secret has quite an unpleasant odor, which is familiar to anyone who has ever plucked goose.

Sometimes you can watch how the geese make fun activities beak-like strokes, at this moment the bird alone covers feathers above substance, creating a dense layer of fat, which prevents wetting feathers in contact with surface water.By themselves such feathers do not possess hydrophobic properties.

protective properties of fat

how to keep the geese

Secret also allows you to make feathers goose more flexible and less brittle because of fats, waxes, and glycerides contained therein, and under the influence of the sun is also turning into a much-needed body bird vitamin D because of substance 7-degidroholistirolu which absorb geese during the daily procedures.Thus, when sufficient light bird capable to synthesize and provide an important element of the organism.

wonder that nature has bestowed this property and many other birds, belonging to the category of waterfowl, in fact it allows the ducks and geese so confidently stand and run on the water, but the herons and cormorants can not boast of such an effective job gland. ostrich, some species of parrots, pigeons like iron and non-existent. properties goose fat secretion has taken humanity into service and used in the textile industry of other modern industries.