To start to define a common theme of the holiday.Traditional Russian hospitable meal, table party, ethnic cuisine (any culinary tradition, does not fit into the other menus, such as Mexican, Japanese).This is the case when the golden mean you will not do.It is not necessary to put on the same table smothered herring, rolls and stroganina.And if you choose, in any culinary style to celebrate the New Year, then move on to the general principles of the feast.
Determine the menu.

desirable that were on the table:

- snacks, cutting sandwiches;

- festive salads;

- hot;

- desserts, fruit;

- cakes;

- alcoholic and soft drinks.

If all categories will be presented, then your guests will definitely not go hungry.Pay attention to the fact that the dishes alternated meat, fish and poultry.Do not make the three chicken salad kornetiki with chicken and chicken in sauce to hot.New Year, by the way, is an excellent time for rare dishes such as goose with apples and rabbit in sour cream, of course, if you do not prepare them for the weekend.

If you do not have specific ideas of a particular food, you can ask your guests about their preferences, perhaps, some liked salad you had forgotten in the heat of the search for new recipes.
now about cooking.Very good option-harvesting ingredients in advance.All that can be frozen, - make the day and freeze.All that can be boiled in advance - boil, all that can be cut in advance - cut!The taste of the food is not affected, but your state of health and complexion - quite.
And about cooking new dishes.Cooking on someone else's prescription for the first time is always interesting, and most importantly, never sure do not know what happens at the end.It may not match the beautiful picture in a book or online.Therefore, it is desirable to work out in advance.If you do not have the force / time / desire / money, then be prepared for the unexpected.
And another option to simplify your training, but do not like him very responsible mistress, but it is also the place to be.You can offer your guests to bring one dish.Just to agree in advance the who, what and how much to bring.So the guests into the spirit of the New Year's table, and you will have time to do or make a cup of tea and biscuits.
2015 will be the year of blue-green Goats.Goat - the animal is calm, and such promise coming year.The table will be exactly the Eastern traditions, if it will be a lot of greens, vegetables and fruit, which loves the mistress, the Goat.A prepared with various herbs dishes on New in 2015 will be a real hit!Hot fish or meat is quite acceptable.It is undesirable, of course, that it was a goat or a sheep.

But there is no limit to the sweets and pastries!All he wants is your culinary soul can be put on a festive table.