Experts estimate that today the Amur tiger population is a little over three hundred individuals.Tigers mainly in pine forests of the Sikhote-Alin.Sudden changes in temperature during the year the animal is well tolerated.In winter, the tiger is able to arrange maturation in the snow, and if there is a need for long-term shelter, he hides in the recesses between the ledges of rocks.In general, the Amur tiger good adapted to the conditions of Primorye.

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much of their time conducting a tiger on the prowl.Predator-prey are deer, elk, wild boar, roe deer, and sometimes bears.Tiger is able to guard the long production, and then to overtake her several broad jumps.Failure to long run makes the tiger very prudently apply to hunting.If the prey escapes, chase it does not become a predator.Comparable to him on the strength of natural enemies from the Amur tiger is practically no, but the person is able to give him a lot of troubles.

What tigers are found in India

After the mass mortality of wild boar, roe deer and red deer in the mid 80-ies of the last century, tigers have become reluctant to attack dogs and livestock.Created in connection with the crews managed to destroy the hunters "without trial" a few dozen tigers.A few years later, when in fact opened the border with China, we launched a genuine hunt for unique predator.Both local and alien hunters chased skins taiga handsome, hoping to get rich quick.By the end of the last century, the number of tigers, thus sharply reduced.

How and why changing the number of tigers in nature

Concerned about the situation, environmentalists and animal welfare advocates have sounded the alarm.It implemented a project for the protection of the Amur tiger from extinction.To study the behavior of animals in the wild began to use radio collars that allow to control the movement of tigers and appreciate their habits.The established national parks and reserves of the Siberian tiger is now under state protection, but the rest of the predator vulnerable to poachers.

Another factor adversely affecting the population size of animals - human activities.Laying of pipelines, cutting cedar rounded up Tiger favored by their places, making follow to migrate to other areas of potential prey.For the life of the Amur tiger needs large hunting grounds, so the destruction of the usual habitat is the main source of danger for the population.Search solution is not necessary at the local and at the state level.