This carpet decorated your home for many years.He became a family, friends, familiar.You learned it all patterns, curls, shades of colors.This spot from accidentally spilled paint, and this attrition heart filled with another memorable recollection.I do not want to throw in a landfill is the creation of distant Soviet textile industry.And what do you do?A bit of creativity has not hurt anyone.That's what you get when you consider options for the reincarnation of the carpet.

new look at old things

• The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind - a rug for a pet.Folded twice, three or four times a carpet - beautiful bedding for a true friend and protector of the family.Your four-legged miracle will appreciate such a gift. Make the target of darts, original toy cape for the car, a bed for the beloved cat, hamster house - everything is possible!

• If the home is growing in the future head of the family, then he needs to be strong and courageous.Then the old carpet can be rolled into a roll, good seal and hang from the ceiling.Get the original variation on the punching bag.Let your kid grows up and thrashes her future protector of the weak.

• For girls old carpet is a great gift for needlework.It has many places that are easy to use for various craft projects, applications, soft toys, that is all that is the proud name of "hand-made".

• Sometimes it is enough to change the designation of the carpet, turning it from a wall in the floor.It is not necessary to lay it near the threshold, if it is quite suitable as an interior decoration.Living room, kitchen, living room, even the hallway - anywhere you can use a warm, soft cover with a pattern.

• If it happens in the summer, removed the carpet out of the city and fix it in the courtyard garden, like a hammock.Bed will be a great year, but if the hard pile, cover it with some cloth.

• When the carpet is not suitable for home, he can find use in a shed, garage, summer kitchen.Unpresentable appearance here will not play a significant role, and the decor considerably transformed.

• watching sports and tired of doing it on the bare linoleum?Old carpet, soft and springy, well mask the dumbbell hitting the floor or a sharp lowering of the boom.Neighbors will not be knocking on the battery and call you early in the morning, if you are a sports lark.

old things in a new way

supervision.Suddenly, in your home, there are things long lost presentation, but which is so hard to leave. According to statistics, 70% of people in the world can not give up, even the old and not have things due to nostalgia.

Try to imagine what you can use to find this lovely monuments of the heart.You will be surprised of his creativity.