Remember the cardinal rule: do not try to stop the horse, struggling pulling the reins.This is a major mistake that almost everything.Just pull them over.Otherwise, you will cause an animal unnecessary inconvenience, without achieving the desired result.
how to understand the horse
not use just an excuse.Not every coach drew increased attention to this, but one of the principles of management of the horse is that any team, in addition to using the reins, even suggests any action on the part of the rider.If you want to stop a horse, you must also use shank, more pressing them to the sides of the horse.Do not try to push them her skin, just below the lower heel, and the horse will feel increased pressure.At the same time, move the center of gravity slightly back, reclining by bending at the waist, and then expand the shoulders (better if your posture is perfect constantly).
they see a horse
Pay attention to the position of the hands.They should not be too high raised or lowered, they can not cross over or push forward, not bend the brush.There is only one position in which between you and the horse by the reins can be installed painless contact, and you have to remember it while holding this position will not be automatic.You must orient the line from the elbow to the bit: it should be a straight line.
how to play with the horses
Calm and group, if the horse suddenly suffered.Only then can you start to use known methods ostanovlivaniya horse.Do not use the whip without the need, especially if the horse is just scared.Moreover, in this situation, do not concentrate on how to stop a horse, and how to stay in the saddle, especially if the classes are held in the hall: soon she herself will go to gallop step.
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