cow calved.Put the calf close to the cow's head, so that she could lick it.His tongue cow calf cleans hair, massaging it, and it improves blood circulation and breathing the newborn.In this maternal care calf obsohnet quickly and he rises to his feet.If a cow refuses to lick the calf, wipe it and keep in a warm room.
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in different periods of life the calf needs care with its own characteristics.The first three months - the dairy season.In the first week of life the calf is necessary to drink colostrum.Colostrum enhances the immune system, cleans the intestines.If colostrum is not, then you need to give the calf mixture: egg mixture with added sugar, artificial colostrum.From the second day, let the calf warm water.A week later, it is already possible to give jelly, cooked oatmeal.Only after 2 weeks start giving hay.Gradually enter into the diet of grated or finely chopped carrots, feed mixture, increasing the number from 0.5 to 7.5 kg - 8 kg per day.In these months, the growth of chicks is very intense, so feeding should be plentiful and fresh.
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the third week of release the animal to fresh air.This contributes to hardening of the body, it is the prevention of disease.The first walk should not be more than 15 minutes, it is better in the afternoon.Gradually increase the time on the air to one and a half hours.
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Poslemolochny period.By the year live weight of heifers increased by seven or eight times.If the supply increased much more, it can lead to obesity and delayed sexual development.By the time the coverage live weight should be around 380 kg.In order to control weight gain, weigh the calf once a month.Based on this, and it is necessary to count the daily diet of your pet.Much attention is given cow's udder: watch how it develops, to massage (10 - 15 minutes).It promotes breast development and increase milk production in the future.
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