cat hair covered with grease - it produce subcutaneous sebaceous glands.When bathing hair shampoo on the influence of time deprived of such protection.

need to bathe a cat, if the wool found parasites, or it is too dirty, and sometimes as a preventive measure - for example, if the animal is contacted with the other, and there is a danger of catching fleas.

cats and cats with long hair usually require washing.They lick harder and if the animal is supposed to send the exhibition, it must be washed in order to create a beautiful appearance.Shorthair need it not so often, but the owners of sphinxes in this regard can only envy.

soap designed for humans, cats can not be washed because of the difference in acid-base balance of the skin.Special cat hair shampoos are available in liquid form, in dry state pudroobraznom in the form of a spray.Liquid funds are best washed, but do not use them often - they can interfere with the sebaceous glands.

Dry shampoo can be a real salvation, if the animal is afraid of water.With them, the process is not that complicated tangle.Powder is applied to the hair, kept for as long as instructed, then scraped with a comb.Using sprays need to be careful - the cat may be frightened sound balloon.

much problemnee washing liquid shampoo, but sometimes without it simply can not do.Before the procedure, it is necessary to calm the cat, hold on his hands, pat and talk to her.Some cats are not so afraid of getting wet, as the sound of running water from the tap.

Water should pour it into the bath and not in the pelvis, so that the animal may start trying to get out of the water.This cat's paws grab the edge of the pelvis and can overturn it.The water level should be such as to take the cat to the abdomen, and the temperature can be checked down to your own elbow.

Put a cat in the bath and wet wool typed to water, with the exception that she got into the ears.It is advisable to carry out the procedure with the assistant.Many apply the shampoo is not necessary - such funds much foam.Wash the animal's hair massaging gently poured from the pelvis or a hose with a weak water pressure.

washed remove the cat from the bath and wrapped in a towel, pat well.Towels for long-haired individuals need several.If the cat is not afraid of a hair dryer, hair drier, you can with it.