you need
  • - an apron or gown with pockets in front;
  • - cap and the sheet (diaper);
  • - table;
  • - bath mat;
  • - lighting fixture;
  • - curling claws clippers or nail scissors;
  • - nail file or emery bar;
  • - sterile cotton wool and hydrogen peroxide.
ready for a haircut feline claws.If the animal is not accustomed to this hygiene from an early age, then surely it will not be easy to endure.You need an assistant to hold the cat.Put on your coat or apron with pockets in front and put in them the necessary tools - not to delay, "manicure", you all must be at hand.
how to cut a fluffy cat
Wrap cat in large sheets or diaper on his head and put on a special hat (you can buy at the pet store).This is necessary to protect themselves from bites and scratches.During processing, you will release the claws paws pet one.
you trim claws York?
Put a sturdy table in a well lit area (at the window next to powerful lamps) and carpeted his mat for bath on suckers - then you will not be afraid, that resists the animal suddenlyslid.
how to cut the claws chinchilla
Lightly press down pillow cat's paw top and bottom of the claw - it will be extended and you can begin to process it.Start cat claws cut small pieces, slowly.Near the stratum corneum is the pulp, you in any case should not hurt.Examine the claw on the light and if it is not pigmented, you will see a blood vessel (pink base).
How to cut your cat
Otstrigite cat claw at a distance of about 2 mm from the visible sensitive area.Black claws to err, do not remove too short - it is better again cut in two weeks.If, nevertheless, you have damaged the vessel and there was blood, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide.
sedatives clippers cats
Do only transverse (obliques not!) Sections of nail scissors or tongs for cutting the claws of animals.Ensure that the working tool has been very keenly sharpened.
Note claws cat paws inside (the so-called "profit claws").They can grow into the pad and cause the animal pain, so they are subjected to mandatory treatment.
Polish the rough ends of the cut first big cat claws - then fine-grained nail file.You can also use the emery bar.Be sure to reassure your cat and give him his favorite meal, or for myocardial stress is the freedom-loving animals may harbor a grudge on you.