Find out the reason - why the cat marks territory.The reasons for this behavior several cats:
- puberty;

- changes in the situation;

- encroachment on the territory and competition;

- difficulty urinating.
How to wean cat mark territory
urinary tract diseases require urgent referral to a specialist, if there is a chance that the treatment will eliminate the pain and discomfort, and the habit label will not have time to gain a foothold.
How to wean cat mark their territory
Show cat who's in charge.Animal instincts require compliance with the hierarchy, so the cat is trying to show that he is the chief of the house.The emergence of other animals he sees as an attempt to regain territory and begins to be labeled, guarding his home.Try to convince the animal and prove to him that the main house is not it.
how to wean the dog to write home
¬ęTalk" with a cat on his tongue.As soon as you caught the cat, leave marks, try to conduct "negotiations".Do not hurt the animal and do not shout at him, he still does not understand the cause of your aggression.Pick up the cat by the scruff and poshipite it, simulating the sound of hissing cat.Simultaneously, click with your fingertips on the nose with a cat - not much, but it is noticeable.Continue the actions until the cat did not begin to squeak.Release the animal, and for some time look closely into his eyes until he looks away.
How to wean cat by tags
¬ęPeremette" territory.Carefully place zamoyte tags.The smell can kill resistant female spirits (if the cat mistress - a woman), or their clothing.The most effective will affect sports jersey with a strong smell of sweat and dirty socks.
Repeat manipulation.With one time is unlikely to succeed to wean cat labeled, so manipulation will have to repeat many times.
Take preventive measures.The most effective way is to timely castration cat that will help him adapt to the home without experiencing stress and psychological distress.