Tip 1: How to drink rabbit

Rabbits - being shy and nervous.And the absence of what they are accustomed to in a long time, they can injure up to a heart attack.Therefore, if the previous owner was watering them regularly and you have to provide all the conditions for double-crested fussy.
Do not believe the assertions of those who believe that rabbits can live without drinking well and that it is enough water contained in the juicy vegetables and herbs.Of course, they drink a little, but a lack of water can lead to a decrease in appetite, and as a consequence, to a decrease in body weight.
Note: the need rabbits drink depends on their weight and level of reproductive physiology.In addition, the need for water affects the form of feed, the level of humidity in the room and the temperature.
poite rabbits only clean water or defended buy a filter.In the summer the temperature of water in water bottle should be between 18-25 ° C.In hot weather, poured into the trough of water more than usual.In winter, water the rabbits should be during daylight hours, warming to this water.Make sure that rabbits drink water before it becomes cold.
Do not let the little animals water from rivers, lakes or even spring, as it may contain harmful bacteria, heavy metals and residues of fertilizers washed off by careless farmers directly into natural water bodies.
Pregnant and lactating female rabbits need to drink as much as possible to exclude the possibility of rabbits at the various anomalies and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.The younger generation eared pour water at the rate of 100 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight, in the event that if you give them dry food.
If you use Autodrinking constantly check how it is reliable.But usually the owners of rabbits prefer moving faience, galvanized or plastic bowl.However, these drinkers get dirty, roll over or fight.So fasten your existing water bottle tightly to the cage.There are plastic waterers dropper deemed most appropriate, since they provide an uninterrupted supply of water, hygienic and they can change the water less often.The only drawback droppers - in the summer the water in them may be too hot and winter - warm and tear trough.

Tip 2: How to drink winter

rabbits Breeding rabbits - quite a fascinating process.But those who have been doing this at least once, probably faced with the problem of supplying drinking water to animals in winter.If it is cold outside, the water in the bowl and drinkers simply turns to ice and rabbits can not drink it.Is there no way out?Of course, there is.Read carefully.
As the water in the winter rabbits
you need
  • electric drinker.kettle, ice or clean snow
Use pieces of pure ice or snow.Rabbits can be great to use in place of water, even ice and snow, because in the wild they do not always have access to water during the winter.Make sure that the animals had constant access to the bowl, which is pure snow or icicles and be sure to replenish the supply, if the animals will spend it.Heed to the preparation of ice - take only pure water.Snow in the bowl is also necessary to put only pure as on the quality of liquid health and wellbeing rabbits depends very much.
Use warm water and regularly change bowls in animals.In severe cold, even the hot water very quickly turns to ice and rabbits can not use it.Care should be taken so that in bowls always been liquid water.This requires some skill and diligence.Pour warm water animals and make sure they have time to drink before it is frozen,.When a hard frost is sometimes required several times a day to get around all of the cells to provide the animals with water in the required quantity.
Acquire electrical trough for rabbits .Many rabbits ode carved such devices on their own, combining multiple small-capacity boilers.But to work with animals is best to use a water bottle, made by professionals, it saves you from unwanted electric shocks and ensure uniform power consumption.The device is a fairly simple drinkers - a bowl or the bowl of water is provided with an additional layer of insulation that prevents the rapid cooling of atmospheric air, and at the same time connected to the drinkers heating element DC, which does not allow water to freeze.
not necessary to save on heating appliances and electric water troughs for rabbits, replacing all this snow and ice.Such a diet of rabbits, of course, can move, but keep in mind that in the "kindling" of ice and snow, they will spend their own energy, and thus begin to eat more.The money saved on your electricity, you will spend an additional feed.
Helpful Hint
Many breeders believe that rabbits drink and not necessarily.Indeed, these animals can easily do without water, obtaining the necessary moisture from the succulent food.But there is one "but" - during pregnancy and lactation female rabbits need more moisture.If the breeder does not provide the rabbits continued access to water, litter is significantly reduced.