you need
  • - litter;
  • - foil;
  • - pillows.
Teach your dog to the fact that it has its place.This should be done as soon as the puppy appeared in the house.This demonstration allows you to immediately begin training the dog and its training.Bring your baby to the mat (most importantly, in the future, you have not changed its location), enter on her hand and say the command.Usually the word "place".Once the puppy takes his couch, praise him.
how to make a bed for the dog of the shirt
not beat or scold the puppy , having found it on the bed .Make him listen to your words - in the house can be only one master, and that the owner should be you.Try to gain respect, but do not be intimidated puppy , otherwise he grow cowardly and aggressive dog that will be a threat to you and your family.
How to wean a kitten to write home
wean puppy from bed so that it simply ceased to want to jump on it.So, set up on her mountain of pillows, which will fall on puppy during another attempt to subdue the master's "Everest" or to lay its terrible rustling foil, you ensure that the dog will begin to bypass the bed side.The main thing - avoid extreme measures, which will cause the appearance of panic fear, or cause unnecessary stress.Measures should be quite soft, but effective.
Why does a cat peeing on the bed owners
Praise your dog, if it takes place, and put your team performs.So many owners after the team "can not" their puppy jumps off the bed , scold him or take a neutral position, forgetting about the reward.Forget about your own negative emotions and observe the rule that made the team entails a reward.Otherwise, you just stop to listen.
How to wean your puppy to jump on the bed
Notice how often you walk the puppy .If he does not just sleeping in bed or arranges her mess, but celebrates her need, then this is due to the fact that the dog is not enough time for a walk.Do not forget that puppy need to produce more often than adult dogs.
How to wean your dog writing on bed
Follow all the recommended actions in parallel: accustom to the site generated by the response to the command "fu" and "impossible" to develop methods to eliminate the desire puppy climb on the bed, and thenpretty soon you reach the desired result, and as a nice bonus to see that the dog has learned a few basic commands.