you need
  • - litter box;
  • - bowls for food;
  • - hairbrush for long-haired breeds.
When the animal has just appeared in the house, let him get comfortable.Let walk around the room, all sniff.But the first time, many are advised not to let the cat on the hallway and the bathroom where his tray.Once the cat show, where his toilet.Teach him to go where you want - one of the most important conditions of the animal in the house.If the kitten goes by, then collect the remains and place it in the tray.He'll know what to do his business there.When the cat is completely comfortable with the new pot and not shitting anywhere, can open milking his other rooms.Kittens that are less than 3 months with a cat were usually able to walk themselves into the pot because koshma-mother taught them.Adult cat if he got you from the home, too, must not cause this problem.
kitten grow
Foods for kittens.To grow cat , wholesome, and not having a bunch of diseases, you need to properly feed him.If you have no time, you can give the finished feed the cat - but expensive and high-quality professional food, not cheap mixture of economy class, which are advertised everywhere.Professional pet food sold only in pet stores, they include the whole range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.Cheap food can damage your pet's health.Remember that if you have a cat neutered, then dry foods it is better not to feed them, even the highest quality.
oats for cats
If you prefer to cook the cat food for yourself, remember that the natural food for the cat should include meat products, not greasy and not raw.It is enough to boil or scald the meat, and you can give it to the cat.The fish do not give the cat castrated m, and for all others it is better to boil.Freshwater fish contain tiny bones so that the cat can choke on them - it is better not to feed him such a dangerous food.Once or twice a week you can give a cat a boiled egg, also occasionally feed him cheese or cheese.Milk is necessary for kittens and adult animals should have to give it less frequently.
how to choose a healthy kitten
For long-haired breeds will need a comb, as a cat, licking his own coat, and swallow a lot of risk from this ill.
Donetsk child
When a cat gets older, he begins to feel a natural need, especially in the spring.Two variants are not harmful to the health of the cat : planned matings and neutering.Some owners think that the cat may suffer or give him hormones - and that, and another very harmful to the animal.If the cat is not a purebred, you attach the kittens can be difficult.In this case, the castration - the most humane method that allows you to sleep peacefully at night, and the cat did not suffer.
How to choose a Bengal kitten
monitor the health of the animal.Adult healthy cat should have a temperature of 38-40 degrees, and his pulse from 100 to 120 beats per minute.If you notice that the cat is something strange, immediately contact your doctor.In these animals, the metabolism is accelerated, so all diseases occur much faster.