to re dog , you need to bring her uniform requirements.It is impossible today to allow her to lie on the couch, and tomorrow shouting chase.The owner himself must know that he can allow the dog and what will be punished.Do not go on about his mood.
to call the dog
Try re dog using treats, but do not overdo it.Delicacy - is encouraging, but not a hearty meal.Be careful not to accustom the dog perform tasks only for food.As for the food, then feed it to be after you have eaten.
how to raise a dog wolfhound
Do not forget to praise.Suffice it to mention by name and pat the dog and reinforce the positive experience.
frequent long walks can influence the dog positive.Run with it, ride a bike, spend as much time outdoors.But at the same time be a leader, do not let the dog to dominate.Do not indulge the dog, play when I have time, not when it requires.
punishment - effective way of re-education.For example, if a dog growls at the owner, you can lift it and revive the scruff, shout bass.Provoke to commit negative actions and immediately catch in the act.Do not pat ignore certain time.Note punishment - is in any case not beating.Otherwise, your dog will be afraid of people.You can not trick to lure the dog , and then strike.Commanded, they came and stroked, even if it broke new sofa.
To re dog , you can refer to the instructor-trainer.The downside is that its methods do not always coincide with the views of the owners of the procedure.
Service "animal psychologist" in Russia is not enough common, but quite effective.Is it, as a rule, if the veterinary service.The skilled artisan reveals the motives of negative dog behavior, reveals errors in education, makes recommendations.