often in a situation where it is necessary to start life all over again, turn out early who married women who have dedicated themselves and their lives a family - gave birth to and raise children, care for and support her husband in his promotion ofcareer ladder.If you changed and betrayed, but now, when you are left without means of subsistence, working and dating, you need to be mobilized.
Psychologists say that it is in such extreme situations reveal a person's ability, he soon begins to think, perceive and process information.Take advantage of these capabilities and accompany their respective actions do not lower the nose and do not fall into depression, to solve the problem for you, no one will.
Of course, much depends on the personal qualities of each individual, but manage to adjust itself to what is necessary to seek and find all the necessary knowledge to recover lost skills.Setting out to look and be sure to find a way out of this situation determines its further development and model your behavior.
Do not allow yourself to pieces, if you can not find a job in any company - arrange somewhere temporarily, get it on the Internet, most importantly begin to move forward independently.If not immediately, but with perseverance and desire, you can get his - get on their feet, to arrange their life and be fully responsible for himself.
start life all over again not too late at any age.The most important thing was to head on his shoulders and arms and legs.Of course, at first can not do without the help of friends and relatives, but look around - how many people have turned out in such a situation, and how many women honorably coped with it, leaving the updated and win.Self-confidence and the desire to continue to live and be happy again - it's not just empty words!