tears at all times regarded as the prerogative of women.For the fairer sex are more emotional than men, and perceive many things too much to heart.But doctors and psychologists can not see tears in the men's nothing wrong.Giving way to tears, any person, whether male or female, can get rid of the negativity and get emotional discharge.Another thing, if you start to get upset and cry over nothing.Such bursts of emotions can play against you themselves.

in society, as a rule, do not like the whiny people.They are considered infantile and emotionally unbalanced.That's why excessive tearfulness can and must be fought.The main thing - to understand its causes.

Why do people cry

sometimes unstable emotional state is the result of thyroid disease.In this case, you must be examined by a doctor and receive treatment.The main cause of crying women, for example, is elevated blood prolactin.This hormone is responsible for breast milk production and secretion of tears.His overabundance can cause irritability and nervousness.To avoid this, you must be examined by a doctor, an endocrinologist.

Some people are emotional by nature and their desire to cry on any occasion does not depend on physical ailments.It's just a characteristic of the individual.Such people will never be able to change completely as the increased sensitivity is innate property of their nervous system.

tearfulness Another reason - inability of a person to quickly adapt to sudden changes in their lives.It does not matter, it's bad or good change - any change of reality can cause such people stress and the desire to cry.

How to stop crying at the wrong time

If your crying is psychological rather than physiological nature, to deal with it will be much easier.You need only bring myself to switch attention and distract you from the irritating object.

Once you feel that the eyes welling with tears, begin to hyperventilate.At the same time try to avoid deep breaths so as not to cause an attack of vertigo.Perform the breathing practices as long as remove the stress.If there would be drinking water, take a few sips and think about something pleasant.

Before you cry, imagine a cloud and carefully review it.Then imagine how it will be spilled on the ground fertile rain.This simple training is recommended by many psychologists.Its main task - to stabilize the emotional state.

Sometimes tears are the result of trauma.In this case, you should not hold them back.Negative emotions spilling out, you will save your body from disease and premature aging.