you need
  • - a subscription to a gym / yoga classes.
enough sleep.To worry less, you need more rest.If you do not get enough sleep, you are more likely to succumb to the excitement.When you feel fresh, you are less irritable and unrestrained.Good sleep helps you quickly come to normal.
Laugh often.During laughter produced endorphins.Scientists have shown that these hormones are perfectly relieve stress.If you're really worried, try to remember something funny, something that will please you.The excitement in this case a bit cooler.
sports.During sports, too, are produced endorphins and remove stress.Make your body work and excitement disappear by itself.
Keep everything under control.Most often, people have to worry when things went wrong, as was originally planned.Try as much as possible, to avoid situations runaway.Keep an eye on their business, mood, relationships.Try to make sure that you have no reason to worry.
Relax.Close your eyes, take a deep breath the air, try about anything to not think.Imagine the sound of the sea and birds singing.Sit so 5 minutes.Give your brain and nervous system a little breather.
eat right.With its products containing carbohydrates.Such food enhances the level of serotonin, which is responsible for a stable emotional state.Give up caffeine and large amounts of sugar.
Go meet your fears.Quite often, the excitement in humans causes the fear.To get rid of it, you need to meet with him face to face.Look for their fears and ruthlessly get rid of them.
Be an optimist.Always think about what is sure to be all right.Positive attitude is a big step on the path to success.