primarily analyze the cases in which there is a feeling of fear and how it manifests itself.To do this, take a notebook and start to record the situation, noting when and why did the fear of how it manifested itself.Determine what area is most often you feel timid at work or in your personal life.So it will be easier to determine the cause for which you have not responded to the greeting handsome stranger, hesitate to respond adequately hamovatye colleague or simply express your opinion of the movie, which was at odds with the views of the neighbor.
To balance the situation and fix all the manifestations of his courage.Memorize feelings and sensations experienced at the time.For every success Reward yourself with a mark "+" sign.Check for yourself, in which areas to show you the easiest way to courage, it is important.If, for example, it's easier to show courage, defending someone, not himself - simulate a situation, do as you arrive, to stand up for someone else.
Remember what you wanted to do, and you have it does not have the courage.Write down all instances of the public remember from an early age.Make a list in principle from the very simple to the very complex and takes effect from the first point.
intended target and perform daily exercises at every opportunity: ask for directions from a man hurrying, make the most scandalous remark person in the queue at a meeting in the corridor say hello to CEO of your company by name.If it is difficult to venture, play the game that everyone knows from childhood "as if".Imagine if you were not you, and the auditor, the head of the tourist from out of town, or while the bravest people.Try to choose a challenging task.
If you can not perform an exercise or scheduled action does not reject it, follow the next time.
Come to internal changes through external.Change your hair style, appearance, style, clothes.
Try to surprise your close friends who know you very well and do not expect that you dive into the sea with scuba diving or stand on roller skates.Do not avoid situations where there is a proportion of the risk, take the situation as a personal challenge.