each of us there are moments in life when we are overwhelmed with different feelings and emotions.It can be as positively stained experiences, and can be, quite the contrary, such experiences, from which we would like to get rid.

when it comes joyful moments of life, we prefer to enjoy them, experience them in their entirety, and if possible to keep them as long as possible.On the negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, resentment tried to get rid of.

There are many ways by which you can get rid of negative emotions, or at least modify them so that they will not harm us.

Let's any negative experience as an imbalance in the system, a kind of breakdown.For example, in a state of spiritual harmony, nothing knocks us off balance, everything seems in place, we have a positive emotive experiences where we feel comfortable.When there are negative experiences, sensual harmony disappears.How does it manifest itself?

Firstly, we feel bad.Agree, not the most pleasant - to feel anger, anxiety, etc.Life is bleak and empty.Also our negative feelings can poison the life of the people around you.

Secondly, any strong emotions (especially negative) to require a large amount of our vital energy.Remember how exhausting emotion, although outwardly, with waves, we usually just walk through the room, which in itself can cause fatigue (however, some running across the ceiling).It remains less energy for everything else.

turns out that our body has all the mechanisms that allow us to balance all the emotional processes.The body itself brings us back into balance if we are to him not interfere.It is only necessary privacy, time and some of the conditions.

In the simplest case, it looks like this.Suppose we slightly burned hot tea (not so very painful, but it is unpleasant).There is a negative experience, fortunately, in this case, not strong and short.We hold hands under cold water, and after a while we forget about it.And now the most interesting - Where did our negative experience?We are not making any effort to ensure that it is gone.But the fact that our body will take care of that this experience has gone.This example shows how the body copes with our own imbalance.But in life it usually does not work, this imbalance is usually more than can "recycle" our body and it just accumulates.Here, too, some of the conditions, which we have already spoken.Then it may be started this natural mechanism of "processing" mental imbalance.All of us in varying degrees, they use here and the fact that he at least does not interfere, and a maximum of help to get started.
To you and come into balance, just not to disturb the work our natural healing mechanisms.Namely - you need to give yourself some time and allow yourself to feel, to live, "recycle" all the "unnecessary" feelings and emotions, which we have.
We feel irritation or even anger?Great.Let this feeling to be, to develop its natural course, watch it, do not hold it, thus you allow yourself to "recycle" it.The main thing not to hide these feelings inside.
There are many simple and at the same time the available means by which it is possible to fix its status.

1. Running or any suitable for you sports exercises.

It should be any exercises that involve some muscle tension and movement.The fact is that, relatively speaking, your emotional stress during such activities becomes muscle and thus discharged.
During bodily stress you no longer restrain their feelings and there are conditions when they begin to appear, and manifesting, they allow the body to come to a more natural state.
Generally speaking, when you start running, you suddenly you can appear negative experiences, such as irritation, anger, apathy, etc., can recall any events that carry an emotional charge.This is what you need.So went the process of liberation from them.

You just need to live, to feel, "work through" all that you feel.
There is no need to force anything special or something to remember.All you need to pop up by itself.You have created for your body the necessary conditions to bring themselves into harmony.

And, of course, the most important criterion - a sense of fun and an update after playing sports.A sense of satisfaction just shows that the body is brought themselves into a state of harmony.
For each necessary time for such activities.Someone is sufficient for 10-15 minutes, someone real effect and bring satisfaction to 30-40 minutes.The only criterion is correct - it's your fortune.

2. Keeping a diary.

This is a very interesting way to bring myself up.
you take a piece of paper or open a notebook and write whatever you want to write.This can be either an event that will leave you with one or the other sediment, or your current experience, or maybe you want to say something that you could not, for whatever reason, to tell another person.
If this event, you need to simply describe it as if you are talking to a close friend, noting the feelings and sensations that they have caused.
If your feelings are not related to any particular event, just describe what you are thinking and experiencing at the moment.Write down your current thoughts and feelings, however incoherent or absurd they may seem to be at first glance.If this baseless emotion, then record them as many times as they occur to you.Each time, they will lose their power.However, this requires several conditions.First - you need to fully concentrate on your current experience, on what you are feeling, "here and now" (so you will not pulled, and that has not turned out the way that you write one, and I think that soon it would finishand do chores).It is necessary to distinguish yourself some time to relax.The second - the time necessary to strictly dosed such work, for example, no more than 10-15 minutes.Then your experience will be weakened.

Of course, if you describe any specific event, the time-frame set is not necessary.You work as long as you feel that you are "processed" the experiences that you have had.In the course of this work have certainly changed attitude to the events described, will come new ideas, you will be able to rethink and revise something in his life.
Again - the most important criterion - is to improve your health and mood.

3. "Walking".

This method is somewhat similar to sports, but has a mild effect.
You just need to go through the forest, park, street, anything not specifically thinking.The very rhythm of your steps will create a special state in which you will be able to calm down and to the body adjusted itself.
most important thing - it is, of course, go with pleasure.Here, it may take much more time than the performance of other ways - from 30 minutes to several hours.Again, you can define it according to your feelings.Surely you remember any event, situation or your current business, and the rhythm of your steps will help you to think about this philosophically, not in haste with the unrest.It is in this mode, the easiest way to calm down, to rethink something and allow the body to adjust their state.

4. «Watching their feelings."

This whole class of methods, which are used for recreation.This variety of meditative techniques and autogenous training, and many other methods, a description of which is found in numerous literature.
In the simplest case, you just sit down, relax and start to watch the thoughts that come to you, not dividing them into the desired or unwanted, good or bad.Let be any thoughts and experiences, not drive them.Then your mind calms down, and after a while you come into a state of greater balance.
Watching their experiences, you help yourself cleared of all superfluous.
course, to these methods (and others) give a good result, we need some practice and patience.It is necessary to test these methods to select those that fit you exactly the best way.

Andrei Prokofiev, psychologist.