Determine main and secondary goals in a situation that you care about.Very often, people see the same problem a few and try to solve all the problem.From the outside it looks chaotic, a man is taken for one, then another, and did not result in gradually completed until the end.So take for himself a rule - if you have something of great concern, solve one problem at a time.Otherwise, confused and did not really do that, adding to the excitement .
If the situation does not require fast and rapid response, unless resuscitation, leave time to rest every 25 minutes.At least 3 minutes during such interruptions, try to move actively - to dance, beat pillows, walk around the room.Rhythm of such interruptions and their regularity are crucial.It was an extreme situation the body needs rest and moderate activity.This habit of rest and well maintained in the future, when you will feel fine.
Allow yourself to make mistakes sometimes.So do not panic because of the non-essential items, if you are not running a dispatcher at the airport.As soon as you give the right to make mistakes yourself, you will feel that it became easier.Of course, it seems that in a competitive world you can not afford to forgive mistakes, but as a result of quiet people bypass the nerve perfectionists through better concentration.So an even more favorable mood.
sorry world of his imperfection.The world is not obliged to meet your needs, but you can always hedge.The driver trolley may have technical problems can linger in the subway train employees sometimes tend to take the reports later.Sorry this world and always create yourself beforehand bag - leave the house for ten minutes early, assign deadlines earlier for a couple of days.And not to waste time on excitement , take on the road with a foreign language tutorials or useful books home to check out once.