easiest way - aside.Just think of something else, lost in thought about how you will spend the weekend or in the memories of the last holiday.You can even head to solve problems in geometry and to plan tomorrow's meeting.Of course, not everyone can perform this option, but it should start.The more emotional event comes to your mind, the better.Simply go into dreams in circumstances that are pleasing and not oppress.
During the excitement generated by the adrenaline, it makes a person to commit a lot of movement.But we must not just jumping on the spot or experience trembling, and do some exercises to help deal with the situation.Several sit-ups, push-ups or slopes can fix it.But we must understand that they can cause shortness of breath, so do not make them just before the event.Give yourself 5-7 minutes trying to regain the rhythm of breathing, put himself in order.
Stir jaw, it helps you feel better.Just relax your lower face and move it left and right.This will help to cope with feelings.Make a better place without witnesses, so it looks like it is not too attractive.Exercise great effect on facial expressions, I highly recommend his actors before going on stage.
Water procedures also relieve stress.Douches and helps to improve the moral and physical condition.But if you can not visit the bath, a wet face and neck.This can even be a little massaging the back of the neck area of ​​the upper vertebrae.It is better to carry it with wet hands.
If anxiety caught you in a public place, do not worry, this can be overcome with the help of breathing exercises.Take a very deep breath, try filling the air to the limit.Then hold your breath for 15 seconds and exhale.You feel lighter, which distract and allow discharge.You can repeat a few times, and it is possible to remain without breath much longer, but it is important not to lose the rhythm of breathing heavily, in order not to attract attention.Deep breaths also helps.They need to make ten to get rid of negative emotions and excitement.Just breathe deeply as possible, and focuses attention on how the air is moving, not the external circumstances.
If the excitement is overwhelming, imagine the worst course of events, which is possible.Think about if everything is really bad, imagine it in detail.And then start to dream than this terrible situation useful to you.For example, if the excitement before the exam, you might think that you do not give up, but it will give you the opportunity to learn the subject better, get a good grade, and from that you will not die.Awareness of your own fear, understanding that everything is not so critical, makes it possible to balance the state.