When you walk with the girl and meet his friend, be sure to introduce them to each other.If you do not, she will feel an empty space, and a true gentleman can not allow this.
Do not forget about the simple rule to hold the door for running track, open it in front of the girl, if possible.Do it naturally and easily.
sure to yield to the place of women in public transport and in general wherever it was.Alas, nowadays fewer men remember it, or pretend that they do not remember.
sure to see me off the girl home after the meeting.Conduct to transport - not the best solution.Your task - to deliver it to the destination.
Never, under any circumstances, drink uncultured expressions in the presence of ladies, do not talk on topics that may embarrass the lady.Even if you are in the company of friends, even if other men can afford this kind of speech, be above, it is best to ask your friends to be respectful to the girl.
Woman sheltering from the unpleasant natural factors.If there is a possibility of rain, do not forget to bring an umbrella.Be sure to open it over the girl, if still only the beginning to drizzle.If the night turned cold and the girl dressed in hindsight is easy to throw with her your jacket or coat.She should feel your care and to feel in the comfort of the time.
not sit down before she sat down.Do not be amiss to push for a girl chair.
for a walk with a girl walking on the side of the pavement, which is closer to the road.
help the girls take off the robe.
not forget about their own appearance.Your shoes should always be spotlessly clean, trousers are long enough to cover the walking socks, shirt cuffs should peek out from under the little sleeveless jacket.Belt choose to match with shoes.