Realize favor of work on the development of attention.

- often due to neglect time spent on rework something.For example, at work you re-read the information and ask to repeat the order, and leaving the house, he suddenly recalls, you turned off the iron.

- Inattention reduces the feeling of joy of life.Why not turn monotonous Saturday shopping into an adventure?On the way to the store look into the faces of passers-by, take a look around - and life will be more interesting!

- Due to the lack of attention the unnecessary skill eventually becomes a bad habit, that lives its own life.For example, to get rid of cords "pancake" will focus on how you speak.

- Lack of attention can lead to illness, separation from loved ones, blunting the vital sense.
Work attentively conducted in several directions:
- Full concentration on one action.

- The ability to perceive and process comments, additions, adjustments in the implementation of the action.

- the ability to ignore irrelevant information, filter out background noise (including information).

- The ability to switch attention from one action to another.

- Ability to work productively on several things at once (includes skills first 4 directions).We must start with two simple cases.
Engage yourself in attracting attention.If there is no inner desire (eg at work) specify reasons.
Always perform quality work, doing your best.If you are doing something for the first time, do not be lazy to think about each step and its consequences.
controls how are you doing.This procedure will help in the workplace, in order thoughts.Clean the house.
aware of themselves here and now.Carefully check all that surrounds you, your inner state.Change the location or its components (the background, status quo, lighting).Note Now surroundings and your senses.
Draw a square 6x6 cells.In each cell write the numbers from 1 to 36 in different sequences of black paste.Change patterns with a partner.Now consistently show the number on the handle (1, 2, .., 36).
similar scheme make the squares with numbers written in red paste.Appear on the reverse of the sequence (36, 35, .., 1).Now take a square and write numbers 1-18 randomly - Black, 19-36 - red.Is shown on the numbers: 1 - black 36 - red, 2 - black, 35 - red, etc.
Exercise teaches concentration and switching of attention.Over time, increase the number of numbers.
Warning - this mental process of mapping the world.It also includes mental processes: the will, memory, speech, thought, perception, representation, imagination, emotions, feelings, sensations.Between them there is a dependence - by developing one, you change the quality of the other.
rest.If you are overworked mentally or physically, to restore attention to the body needs rest.